We currently have no further events planned in Aberdeen.


Tuesday 4 September 19:30
Open Evening
Saturday 8 September 14:30
Nearly New Sale (Sellers can sign up now!)
Saturday 15 September 10:00
10am to 6 pm: "Kindersingetag"
Tuesday 25 September 17:30
Start "Kinderchorprojekt" (every Tuesday)
Tuesday 2 October 19:30
Open Evening - with young people from Hamburg


Tuesday 11 September 14:00
Discussion Circle at Family Weaver
Tuesday 18 September 19:00
Treffpunkt at Russell House

For more information please contact Mrs Marlies Erskine on 0141 8899 045 or marlies_erskine(at) (please use @ instead of at)


We currently have no further events planned in Middlesbrough.


Saturday 23 June 16:00
German Grill Fest ( 4 to 7 pm)
Sunday 26 August 14:30
St. Ann's Battlefield: "Where in Newcastle is Christ alive?" (Talk with the Anglican-Lutheran Society)

Women’s group every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 10.30am to 12.00pm at Martin-Luther-Kirche.